Small changes in habits can reduce the amount of water you use and make a big impact over time. You'll save on your water bill while protecting our precious water resources. Here is a short list of simpele tips to help you save water.

1) WaysToSaveWater1

Check your faucets for leaks and fix them. A small drip is equivalent to wasting a full bathtub of water every month!

2) WaysToSaveWater2

Take showers instead of baths and keep those showers brief. Turn the water off while you soap.

3) WaysToSaveWater3

While brushing your teeth, instead of leaving the tap running, fill a glass with water to use for rinsing your teeth.

4) WaysToSaveWater4

Run the dishwasher and washing machine with a full load. This will reduce the amount of evaporated water.

5) WaysToSaveWater5

When watering your lawn, run the sprinklers in the early morning or at night to reduce the amount of evaporated water.

6) WaysToSaveWater6

Use a bucket of water to wash your car and then give it a quick rinse instead of leaving the hose running.

7) WaysToSaveWater7

Use water efficient appliances that use the minimum amount of water to do the job. These appliances can be easily identified by the ENERGY STARĀ® labels.

8) WaysToSaveWater8

When thinking about purchasing a new washing machine, consider buying one that is front loading. These washing machines are designed to reduce the amount of water it takes to clean one full load of clothing.